Attracting customer satisfaction and trust, excellence in product quality and adherence to biotechnology obligations.

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Customer-oriented and stand up to the highest quality

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Creating self-confidence in specialist , achieving the best products and delivering the highest quality services in the field of biotechnology

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Cooperative thinking seeks to achieve dreams that have so far been dealt with in the country. The young intellectuals, who are rightful scientists, are entering the fields of supply, production and processing of biological products, biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, laboratory sciences and all diagnostic, laboratory, food, chemical and medical and laboratory equipment, Consultation and participation in the field of setting up and equipping industries and related centers, providing specialized and laboratory services, microscopic imaging, holding specialized research workshops and helping the use of biopharmaceutical and medical sciences to target targeted activities for the production of knowledge-based products. Have put their agenda. Therefore, the educational, research, service and production goals of this company can be exploited along with the scientific thinking of each and every external and internal researchers at each level. Currently, the company has started its activities in research groups in half of the world, equipped with nuclei Computational computing with the goal of full molecular equipment, examining expression at transcriptional and transfusion levels, protein purification, cell culture, and advanced imaging.


Designing all molecular celular , genetic, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology Experiments:
having used the latest valid papers and methods, the company is able to design all molecular and genetic, biochemistry, microbiological and biotechnological experiments.طراحی-آزمایشگاهی
primer synthesis and designing:
The company is able to design primers that have the most specific and efficient. پرایمر
Sequence services and interpretation of protein and DNA sequencing results:
By using the most recent PCR method, the company is able to determine the sequence of the productتعیین-توالی
scientific project consultant:
The company provided consultant on all research projects by reviewing new articles from prestigious journals
Provide specialized laboratory services:
By providing new methods based on the most authoritative articles, the company provides specialized laboratory services.خدمات
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